Set Buy: Post Procedure - Demani Skincare
Set Buy: Post Procedure - Demani Skincare
Set Buy: Post Procedure - Demani Skincare
Set Buy: Post Procedure - Demani Skincare
Set Buy: Post Procedure - Demani Skincare

Set Buy: Post Procedure

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Accelerate Recovery & Enhance Results

A great collection to help your skin's ability to gain maximum benefit from aesthetic procedures. Post procedure creams are rich in formulations that are proven to repair skin that has been stimulated by aesthetic procedures. Designed for sensitive, compromised and delicate skin types. These selected Demani Skincare products are perfect to use on skin following:

Fat Freezing
Laser Resurfacing
Skin tightening
Chemical peels

Pre-treating the skin for as little as 2 days before your intended procedure will significantly reduce the skin's inflammatory responses, keeping post procedure swelling, irritation and redness to a minimum. Healing process is accelerated helping you reach speedier recovery and achieve your treatment goals much sooner.



Even though you may not be exposed to the outdoor elements as much as usual or Soothing cleansers are essential in helping the healing process following any invasive procedure. Demani Prepare Soothing Cleanser will gently clean the skin while optimizing the skin's surface and soothing its ability to tolerate recovery. Cleansed skin will better absorb the effects of the Recover and ReFirm creams deep into the cutaneous layers.The balanced and soothing cleanser ensures you are not letting oil, debris, bacteria, and dead skin build up all the while maintaining those important fatty acids in your skin.


The Demani Recover contain ingredients that soothe, hydrate, strengthen and provide an anti-inflammatory function. It contains a mild retinoid called Retinyl Palmitate. The Retinyl is a skin turnover enhancer. Recover Cream encourages the skin to produce more growth factors in order to speed up the healing process following treatments such as liposuction, chemical peels, body contouring and laser resurfacing. With continued use, the skin becomes firmer, more balanced, and radiant. With Demani Recover, the skin is given every chance to be free of redness and uneven pigmentation.


The key ingredients in ReFirm will help replenish elastin fibres in the skin to give a post procedure skin a chance to contract as firm as possible. The luscious ReFirm cream also features a nutrient-packed alchemy of Apple Culture, Aloe Vera leaf extracts, Marma Almond juice and Bergamot Oil to hydrate the skin while delivering a rich dose of soothing essential fatty acids, antioxidants and minerals. With a sweet hint of aromatic fragrance, the cream helps the treated skin look toned, feel soft and firm.


Quench has a powerful water retaining property that moisturizes your skin. This hydrating effect makes it act like a moisture retainer, holding up to a multiple times its weight in water and pulling hydration to post procedural healing skin layers helping optimal skin environment during the initial recovery phase. Contains 4 molecular weigh hyaluronic acid types for ultimate multi-layer hydration.

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