Prepare Soothing Cleanser - Demani Skincare, Cream, Serum
Prepare Soothing Cleanser - Demani Skincare, Cream, Serum

Prepare Soothing Cleanser

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Calming Daily Cleanser

Removes long lasting mascara in one go! powerful yet extra soothing. The Prepare is not a normal cleanser, it is specially formulated to complement the stimulating actions of the anti-aging serums and creams. As the active ingredients in the Demani Skincare stimulate the skin, they could cause some skin reaction. The Prepare Soothing Cleanser helps calm your skin while you maintaining optimum balance and support for your complexion. The Prepare cleanser is compounded with natural skin calming properties and fragrant Sweet Orange oil to care for your skin whilst cleansing dead skin and toxins naturally. It prepares your skin for the active ingredients in your skincare routine to work on clean hydrated skin surface. The anti ageing cleanser also contains Jojoba Oil which has been clinically proven to have beneficial antioxidant and skin softening properties.

Ideal for oily skin, dry Skin, combination skin, normal skin, sensitive skin, mature skin, acne and spots prone skin problematic with oiliness, large pores, cystic acne, blackheads and whiteheads.

Use twice daily to dampened skin, massage gently, and remove with a damp cloth or in the shower.

Rinse well and pat dry then apply your favorite active skincare product.

For external use only.

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