Chemical Peels vs. Skincare

There are three levels of chemical peels and the original one was phenol peel. Phenol peel was first used in 1962. I got trained on that peel in the late 90’s when I worked with a great doctor called Dr McGuiness and that is a peel I did until probably 2003. We usually don’t do those phenol peels anymore because they are so unpleasant for people, but I tell you something, when you have a phenol peel your wrinkles are really decreased. I have been seeing 15 years later that I have treated with deep peels that still do not have wrinkles. However, most people who have had phenol peel will say they’ll never have it again.

In the early 2000’s, Tri-Chloroacitic Acid, TCA peels became popular. TCA peel can be performed in the office and patients heal in about 5 days. TCA peels gets rid of brown splashy pigmentation of the face, tighten pores but it doesn’t really do a good job on the wrinkles.

The third level of chemical peel which is the lightest is Glycolic peels, or lunch hour peel. Those peels are the ones I do if you have a hectic social or work life and you cannot take time off. These patient’s who tell me they don’t have any free time and we just have to do the best we can with what we can, because taking time off from busy life schedule is no option for them. So, in these patients I do glycolic acid peels and I do a series of at least 6 peels spaced three to four weeks apart. At the end of that series of peels we get to a good point where maybe we are at one TCA peel equivalent. So we can decrease pigmentation of your skin, make your skin look better, more radiant, make the elasticity better and there is less blemishes because we really clean those pores with these peels.

Nowadays skin care has come a long way. I find Demani Skincare very effective and has a simple easy to follow protocol and scientifically proven ingredients. I advise my patients to get into the routine of using maintenance AHA, glycolic or milk or fruit acids combined with one of the three retinols they offer, and that regimen gives similar results to undergoing office based procedure and all from the comfort of your home.

Long term results are similar for those who embrace the skincare routine care. For those I recommend Rejuvenate day serum, Recover night cream following a good cleansing using Prepare soothing cleanser.

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