Illuminate Serum - Demani Skincare, Cream, Serum
Illuminate Serum - Demani Skincare, Cream, Serum

Illuminate Serum

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Skin Brightening Pigment Control

Demani Illuminate Skin Brightening Serum is designed as a targeted lightening treatment for hyperpigmentation and for helping to even out an uneven skin tone. If you have troublesome hyperpigmentation around your face mouth or chin or darker patches that you would like to have lightened/evened out so you can feel more confident about wearing less makeup day to day.

This highly active serum provides a polyfocal and a clinical approach to areas of skin discoloration. This supercharged pigmentation serum is packed full of ingredients to lighten, brighten and reduce skin pigmentation. Formulated to increase the luminosity and appearance of the skin. It contains, azelaic acid to help calm inflammation, alpha arbutin (an extract from the bearberry plant that has powerful skin-brightening properties) and glutathione which inhibits melanin synthesis, the main cause of skin pigmentation. This potent Illuminate Serum is rich with vitamins E & C to provide antioxidant protection.

The composition of this serum is very similar to the popular Demani Recover, but slightly richer. It's easily absorbed, non-greasy, and has a fresh citrus scent. Many people see a difference after only a couple of weeks. Your skin will have a much more noticeable, brighter glow about it in the mornings and many people will observe good degree of lightness on their hyperpigmentation areas.

This this serum benefits from being used in conjunction with a good quality SPF like the Demani Protect 50 SPF and we recommend Vitamin C serum like the Demani C20 to further enhance the skin response. It works very well with the  activated charcoal mask, Demani Clarity Masque.


Apply liberally to areas of concern at night-time only.

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