Skin Rejuvenation

We get older... we know that!
Even those with best genetic predisposition will lose skin thickness, elasticity and hydration as they age.

Without accounting for environmental and health factors, we lose 1% of our skin collagen for every year after age 30. We also lose 1.5% of our elastin and 1.25% of hyaluronic acid each and every year after 25. Collagen gives structure to our skin while elastin is responsible for elasticity while hyaluronic acid keeps it hydrated. That's one percent of skin thickness and one percent skin elasticity as well as one percent dryer skin per year.

This ageing process is further accelerated by environmental factors like sun, smoke, toxins, ill health as well as psychological stress. Yes, they all accelerate skin ageing. So, what can we do about that? Well, certainly we can minimize sun and ultraviolet light exposure and we can choose not smoke.

The rate of aging is genetically predetermined and if you're in a stressful life or you will age faster, whether it's family stress or work pressure you are going to age faster because your stress hormones which are mainly steroids get higher. Its unfortunate but it's a fact of life.

When you put Vitamin C on your skin, when you apply Vitamin A at night and when you spread fruit acids, like lactic acid and citric acid on your skin AHA or glycolic acid they really have a rejuvenating effect on your skin. We have these fruit acids in our Rejuvenate Serum.

Ideal skin beneficial effect of vitamin C is best at concentration of 20%. Studies showed 10% to be too little while 30% is just not more beneficial. The Vitamin C in Demani skincare is 20% in a serum form.

We have two Vitamin A products in the range. The Recover night cream has 0.5% retinyl propionate. The retinyl is the least irritating of all vitamin A derivatives. Recover is fortified with a variety of balancing fruit acids. Recover is best for long term hassell free antiaging. For people with problem skin or skin showing premature ageing then the Demani R+ with a full 1% retinol palmitate in a serum form. The retinol palmitate is a potent vitamin A for people who have oily skin or have their skin already acclimatised to retinol.